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True Health is the Ultimate Wealth

True Health Warriors exists to show individuals how to take responsibility for their own health and to help them make it a top priority.


The following was borrowed from Root Cause MD

They don’t care about you.

To the Multi-national Food Corporations, you are dependable addict of their mass-produced sugary junk.

To the Corn and Soy Industry, you are an unquestioning consumer of their highly inflammatory and obesogenic industrially refined seed oils, high-fructose corn syrup and hidden soy products.

To the vegan Seventh Day Adventist Church, and their acolytes writing the American Dietary Guidelines, you are a meat-eating sinner preventing the second coming of their savior.

To World Health Organization, you are human cattle, fit only to eat plant matter and insects, worthy of gaslighting into believing Sapiens oldest food is carcinogenic.

To Monsanto, Bayer and Syngenta, you are an afterthought, collateral damage in their effort to cover the worlds’ crops in glysophate and atrazine.

To the Pharmaceutical Industry, you are a lifetime of statin, insulin and opioid prescriptions.

To the insurance-funded hospital system, you are two knee replacements, two hip replacements and a couple of cardiac stents.

You are a walking bag of money to the corporations peddling processed garbage and Medical-Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex who profit from band-aid fixes to your preventable health problems. This is the modern the ‘healthcare’ system, where sickness sells.

The doctors want to help but they’ve been captured. Most are credentialed prescription bots, puppets, unwitting tools of Big Pharma, too naive or tunnel visioned to realize they’ve abdicated their first and most sacred Hippocratic duty.

Science and evidence-based medicine, the supposed granite foundation upon which so many treatment guidelines are based, has been revealed to be a quagmire of Type I error, intentionally or otherwise.

As for the Government and Institutions that were supposed to protect you…they never stood a chance.

Nobody is incentivized to keep you well.

Nobody is advising you how to optimize your body for health span and longevity.

Nobody is looking out for your metabolic health.

Nobody is protecting your unborn child or baby from trans-generational reproductive problems of xeno-estrogen exposure.

So what can you do…Firstly, WAKE UP.

  • Reconcile past traumas and address your self-destructive habit of using processed food as an emotional crutch.

  • If heavily medicated or severely unwell, see a physician who specializes in dietary reversal of metabolic disease.

  • Cut out all polyunsaturated seed oils, refined carbohydrates and sugar.

  • Filter your water using activated charcoal.

  • Rid your environment of any plastics that come in contact with your food.

  • Befriend your local cattle rancher and source regeneratively-grazed, ethically raised animal foods direct from the farm.

  • Eat nose-to-tail, including fat-soluble vitamin-rich animal fats and organ meats.

  • Cook only in organic butter, ghee, lard, tallow, or coconut oil, stored in glass.

  • Grow your own organic produce.

  • Get sunlight on your skin every day.

  • Begin to exercise, first by walking, then perform resistance training if able.

Take responsibility for the food you put in your body and on your table.

Your life, your family, your community, and your society depend on it.

The Rest Is Up to You...


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